Garden Furniture

(flower-pots, fountains, grills, waterfall fountains; outdoor statues, benches, tables, washbasins, taps)

Our company`s aim is to serve our customers with a wide range of products. We are tending to be an attentive, dynamic and innovative manufacturer, and dealer; to follow the new trends, and to find those products, which can bring harmonious and exclusive design in our every day.
Considering this facts, we provide quality garden ornaments to be satisfied every taste and imagination of our clients.
During the production the properly selected, manufactured cement and crushed stone are transformed into a product, which is completely handmade and coloured, and resistable against changes of time and trend. We provide quality "handicraft" products to our customers, guaranteering them that our products will keep safe against time. You can choose from a broad product palette and we offer short delivery deadline. Besides the flower-pots, fountains, grills, waterfall fountains, and outdoor statues, we present others as benches, tables, washbasins, and tapes at a reasonable price.
We do both wholesale and retail of cast stone products, so we are looking forward to getting in contact with resellers. In these products, we managed to obtain exclusive trading rights in the territory of Győr-Moson-Sopron.