Kitchen countertops

The kitchen is the center of every home; it is the most used place, that’s why aesthetic presence and appropriate hygiene have great importance in this room.

Why granite or quartz?

  • Granite and quartz countertops lend a luxurious look for the home.
  • They are resisting against cuts and scratches, so knifes and other kitchen tools cannot harm the surface at every day use.
  • These materials are heath-resistant and stronger than steel – we can easily lay a dish on the granite plates which we just took out from the oven.
  • Thanks to their excellent resistance capability these materials do not need a special care. We have to impregnate the countertops only several times a year, with a special material. After this maintenance we can easily remove all the contaminations from the surface (like: fat, oil, acid, and lye) which are produced by everyday usage.
  • It is a longstanding investment: kitchen countertops and work plates made from natural and quartz stones loose after decades nothing from their original shine.

The machining process of kitchen countertops and work plates

The preparation of countertops and work plates begin with the measurement. The only condition to fulfill: the kitchen furniture should be standing ready at its place.
Our qualified colleagues take dimensions from the furniture and the wall; based on these dimensions they can make the templates.
At our warehouse we have thousands of square meter material, so the client can immediately choose the needed material in person. After that the stonemason prepares the countertops from the chosen stone in the production plant, with automatic CNC controlled machines.
In case of individual requests our qualified colleagues are able to prepare the kitchen countertops and work plates by hand.
After cutting the countertops to size, we burn the edge profile on the stone, and after that we cut the sectors for washbasin and stove. Finally we provide protection against absorption of oil and fat.
Our colleagues deliver the finished kitchen countertops and work plates to the client, and they build it in aswell. The placement of the work plates only take few hours, depending on the complexity and size of the plates.